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post doctorate
assistant professor

dr. susanne mossin
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March 2007
Postdoctoral research in Inorganic Chemistry, Friedrich-Alexander-Universty of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE.

February 2006
PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dissertation: "Magnetic anisotropy of manganese(III) compounds"

February 2001
M. Sc. in Chemistry, B. Sc in Mathematics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Dissertation: "Syntheses and EPR spectroscopy of tetragonally elongated man­ganese(III) compounds"

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current research

March 2007 - present: Synthesis and reactivity of sterically hindered transition metal compounds.

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S. Mossin, H. Weihe, A. L. Barra, "High Field EPR Spectroscopy of an Isostructural Series of Axial High-Spin Manganese(III)-Complexes", CERC3 Young Chemists Workshop in Firenze, Italy, 2000.

S. Mossin, H. Weihe, “Synthesis, Structures and Magnetic Anisotropy of Manganese(III) and (IV) Cyclam Complexes” Annual meeting of the Danish Chemical Society, Odense, Denmark, 2002.

S. Mossin, HF-EPR of Ferromagnetically Coupled Manganese(III)Dimers” workshop: EMR Developments and Applications in Chemistry, Biology and Materials Science in Tallahassee, Florida, USA, 2002.

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research fellowships and experience

March 2000 to June 2001
TMR Programme sponsors a stay at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Grenoble, France.

Sept. 2000
European Science Foundation fellowship under the program Molecular Magnets for a stay at the University of Antwerp, Physics Department with Etienne Goovaerts

Aug. 2002 - Jan 2003
Marie Curie Training Site fellow in Molecular Magnetism sponsored by the European Community at the Laboratory of Inorganic Materials, University of Florence, Florence, Italy in the group of Dante Gatteschi.

Aug. 2006 - Dec 2006
Teaching chemistry at Admittance Course, Technical University of Denmark

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awards & honors

July 1992
Silver medal at the International Chemistry Olympiad in USA. Placed as number 31.

April 2000
Participates in Young Chemists Workshop in Firenze, Italy, sponsored by the Chemical Society of Denmark

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professional societies and activities

1993 – 2000
trained participants for the International Chemistry Olympiad

1995 - Present
member of the Chemical Society of Denmark

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S. Mossin, M. Stefan, P. ter Heerdt, A. Bouwen, E. Goovaerts, H. Weihe, "Fourth-order zero-field splitting parameters of [Mn(cyclam)Br2]Br determined by single crystal W-band EPR", Appl. Magn. Res., 2001, 21(3-4), 587.

S. Mossin, H. Weihe, H. O. Sørensen, "trans-[Mn(cyclam)(CN)2]ClO4: A Low-Spin Manganese(III) Complex", Acta Cryst. C, 2002, 58, m204.

S. Mossin, H. Weihe, A.-L. Barra, "Is the axial zero-field splitting parameter of tetragonally elongated high-spin manganese(III) complexes always negative?", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2002, 30, 8764-8765.

C. Dobe, H.-P. Andres, P. L. W. Tregenna-Piggott, S. Mossin, H. Weihe, S. Janssen, "Variable temperature inelastic neutron scattering of chromium(II) Tutton salt: manifestation of the 5E Ä e Jahn-Teller effect", Chemical Physics Letters, 2002, 362, 387-396.

S. Mossin, H. Weihe, H. O. Sørensen, N. Lima, R. Sessoli, "Rationalisation of weak ferromagnetism in manganese(III) chains: The relation between structure and ordering phenomena", Dalton Transactions, 2004, 632-639.

S. Mossin, H. Weihe, "Average one-center two-electron exchange integrals and exchange interactions", Structure and Bonding, 2004, 106, 173-180.

S. Mossin, H. O. Sørensen, H. Weihe, J. Glerup, I. Søtofte, "Manga­nese(III) cyclam complexes with aqua, iodo, nitrito, perchlorato and acetic acid/acetato axial ligands", Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2005, 358, 1096-1106.

A. D. Rae, S. Mossin, H. O. Sørensen, "Structure refinement of a twinned pseudo symmetric crystal of [Mn(C10H24N4)(NCO)2]+ ClO4-", Acta Cryst. B, 2005, B61, 407-417.Acta Cryst. B, 2005, B61, 407-417.


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