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Soline Aubry

May - August 2002

Visiting Scholar from the École Normale Supérior de Lyon, France.



November 2000 - present: Ph.D student

Magistère des Sciences de la Matière

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current research project @ ucsd

Feb. 2002 - present: bioinorganic chemistry

The enzyme Hydroxylamine Oxidoreductase (HAO) catalyzes the oxidative conversion of hydroxylamine to nitrite in the nitrogen cycle. The functional unit in vivo is a peptide trimer, which consists of 24(!) heams. HAO represents one the most complex and unusual structures in biochemistry. We will design water-soluble, tetraaza-amine and -imine macrocyclic ligands to synthesize inorganic analogues of the active site P-460 and explore the complexes reactivity towards biologically relevant substrates such as NH2OH, N2H4, N2O, and NO. Di-iron complexes of binucleating ligands will allow us to investigate the importance of metal-metal interactions in catalysis. The ultimate goal of this research is to broaden our understanding of the interplay of the active site, covalently bound and potentially redox-active side-chains, and electron acceptors during the course of the hydroxylamine oxidation.

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research fellowships and experience

June - July 2001

Department of Chemistry, Imperial College, London

Project: Asymmetric Epoxidation of Amines with Prof. Alan Armstrong

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